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Kaghati (2021)

A young girl visits her grandfather's home in rural Indonesia for the first time, and through exploring the kite-maker's craft, she dives into her cultural roots and discovers a new, exciting way to connect.

Producer: Maansi Sunkara
Directors: Stanley Soendoro and Amanda Jayapurna
Music and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Awards and Nominations:
Emmy CTA Nomination Animated Series
Best Animation 2023 SWIFF Film Festival Award
Official Selection Savannah Film Festival
Official Selection Cleveland International Film Festival
Cartoon Selection Animation Dingle

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My Joy (2023)

A petty divorce attorney comes face-to-face with his college sweetheart years after she left him in despair to recover an important piece of himself he thought was lost.

Producer: Simone Chen
Director: Soratchabhumi Hnunbhakdi Sukkasem
Music: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

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*Full film is currently on festival runs and not available for the public.

Goro - Goro (2023)

Goro-Goro follows the story of Daigoro, a baby thunder god, who dreams of being as powerful as his father. Through his thunderous journey, he realizes that he can achieve his dreams in his own unique way.

Producer: Gillian McDerment
Directors: Ryotaro Sawada and Agatha Tiara Christa
Music: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Awards and Nominations:
Official Selection Streetside Cinema
Official Selection SCAD SANM Juried Spring Showcase

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*Full film is currently on festival runs and not available for the public.

The Other Side of The Pole (2021/2023)

Pole dancing’s popularity has grown in Hong Kong in recent years. This short documentary is a journey from its unforeseen acrobatic origins, the underground status in the dive bars of the red-light district, to the city’s preferred gymnastic sport today by some women who see it as a legitimate art form and a treasured fitness activity. Can pole dancing get rid of its sexual stigma and become a legitimate sport at the Olympics? 

Producer: Natalia Guerrero
Director and Editor: David Cheung
Sound and Music: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
Published by the BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

Project Labyrinth (2021)

Video‐meets‐video game, Project Labyrinth is French art director Xavier Reyé’s reflection on a world that faces obliteration. Premised on Yeo Siew Hua’s forthcoming film and performance work, The Once and Future for NVAF 2022, Project Labyrinth, like Noah’s Ark but in our digital age, imagines the survival of mankind’s extinction. Except ours is not a ship, but an interconnected network we call the Labyrinth and the project is to simulate the process of uploading ourselves for the sake of posterity.

Project Executive Producer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
Animator: Xavier Reyé
Composer: Eugene Birman
Performer: Members of the Berlin Philharmonic and Anandi Bhattacharya

Polarity (2022)

Composition demos for a game pitch with Sony Music and Playstation.
One of the top selected tracks by Sony Music

Producer: Pete Scatturo, Sony Music
Composer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

The World of Yens (2023)

When a compassionate hedgehog rescues a courageous spider, their unexpected friendship takes them on a transformative journey, highlighting the extraordinary power of companionship and compassion in this heartwarming tale.

Producer and Director: Nina Podlesnyak
Composer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Coming Soon December 2023

The Gamelan in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known to be an international city that bridges the East and the West, but what is often overlooked is the inevitable fact that it is also a city that brings different distinct Eastern cultures together. “The Gamelan in Hong Kong” extends the idea of a concert into an encounter that invites the audience to experience a completely different Eastern culture in an Eastern city. Arts, ranging from music to dance, of Indonesian roots, one of the Southeast Asian cultures that have not been displayed in Hong Kong often, will be showcased. "The Gamelan in Hong Kong" also acts as an initiative to encourage the inclusivity of Southeast Asians as well as Belt and Road cultures in Hong Kong.

Created and Composed by Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
Supported by the Consulate General of Indonesia Hong Kong, National Bank of Indonesia (Bank Nasional Indonesia), Garuda Indonesia, Model ASEAN and Hong Kong Baptist University
Performed by members of the Gip Percussion Ensemble, Collegium Musicum of Hong Kong and Baptist University Symphony Orchestra

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Chasing Indomie (Shorts, 2020)

Created by: Stanley Soendoro
Composer and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Lamanlupa (2022)

A lone wanderer, searching for signs of the past, follows the spirits of that which still lives in the earth.

Lamanlupa takes place in a dark period of Philippine history; by the 1800s, the Spanish colonial empire was at the height of power, and indigenous cultural customs and artifacts had all but disappeared. This story is a love letter to what was lost, as well as the beauty of what remains today.

Producer and Director: Matthew Tobias
Composer and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Polluta (2022)

The film portrays Polluta, a futuristic ecotopian/dystopian artist colony made with air pollution in the imaginary country Contradictoria.

Producer and Director: Michelle Fung
Composer and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

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The Once and Future (2022)

The earth is dying and we are rushing off to space – a final unknown more welcoming than what we have made of our home. In the face of an imminent planetary exodus, what are we willing to leave behind? How will we make sense of ourselves on such an occasion?

Producer: Roger Garcia
Executive Producer: Topi Lehtipuu
Associate Producer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
Director: Yeo Siew Hua
Composer: Eugene Birman

Box (Shorts, 2022)

Created by: Stanley Soendoro
Composer and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Gracie's Sonata
Coming Soon


Producers and Directors: Jennifer Williams
Music: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Lost Under Hope (In Pre-Production)

Producer and Director: David Glass
Composer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Pee-d (Shorts, 2023)

Created by: Stanley Soendoro
Music and Sound: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Coming Soon 2023

Growing Pains (2022)

A young sapling gets tossed into the throes of middle school, unsure if they can keep up with the growing pressure of assignments. Their peers seem to finish their work swiftly and with little effort, leaving young River to become increasingly stressed. 

After River is confronted by a physical manifestation of their anxiety, will they learn to ask for help or will they become too overwhelmed and fall further behind?

Producer: Stanley Soendoro
Director: Danni Arevalos
Composer and Sound Supervisor: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

The Dead Sea (2023)

The Dead Sea is an animated film that takes place underwater on an alien planet in a research facility. An alien parasite infiltrates the science facility, forcing a young scientist to fight for her survival as all hell breaks loose.

Producers and Directors: Skai Chow and Rebecca Lau
Music: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Awards and Nominations:
Bloody Hats Festival Award Winner

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*Full film is currently on festival runs and not available for the public.


Gracie's Sonata
Coming soon 2023

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